On the Science of Numbers

Turn from the sleep of negligence and the slumber of ignorance, for the world is a house of delusion and tribulations.
– Encyclopedia of the Brethren of Sincerity

Let us begin with what is first, for ‘we can count Nothing before One’. The Monad is Unity, and it is the beginning, middle and end of all number, it is the whole and the part and every quantity of all terms, for all numbers subsist eternally as causes in the Monad.

But the One is not the aggregate of many, but the singularity is both simple and multiple, so that both all numbers are in it all at once and simple, as causes, and also the one is understood to be multiplied by an ineffable distribution, as their substance. For the One is the cause (Essence) and Substance of all numbers, and while it does not relinquish the stability of its own nature it pours itself out as multiplicity into all.

And the many subsist in it eternally because their beginning is not in time. For there was never unity without the manifold reasons (causes/ideas) of all the numbers. And the Monad has its beginning in Nothing (zero) because it extends indefinitely.

The first progression of numbers is from the Monad (for One is in principle not number but the cause of number, but in progression (manifestation) the first and lowest of numbers); the first multiplication is Two, the second Three, the third Four, then after come all the terms in their proper place. And the Two is the source of all parity, but the three is the source of all disparity. From these, namely parity and disparity, all kinds of numbers are generated.

Now, from this it is evident that the Monad is none other than Being, or God, itself. In Principle it is the Highest and fully above generation, in manifestation it is the first, but lowest number. And so it is with the Father and the Son.

The even numbers are terrestrial, as matter is the great equalizer, two being the source of parity. The odd numbers are celestial, as hierarchy is heavenly, three being the source of disparity. From this it follows that Two is Earth, i.e. Substance, the materia prima, the passivity of God, natura naturata, and that Three is Heaven, i.e. Essence, the actus purus, the activity of God, natura naturans. The spatial symbol of Two would be the vertical line here, of Three the triangle.

Four is the sign of Creation, or manifestation. The elements come to mind. Spatially we must envisage the cross as the four, the conjunction of the vertical and horizontal line, the first in this case being Heaven, the second Earth. The cross is the active, volatile Four, the square the fixed, stable Four.

Five is the action of Heaven on Earth (2 + 3, addition being simple and ‘actionless’). It is Earth viewed from the perspective of creation, rather than from the principal perspective.

Six is the reaction of Earth to Heaven’s actionless action (2 x 3, multiplication signifying multiplicity). It is Heaven viewed from the perspective of creation, rather than from the principal perspective.

Seven is the sign of Peace, it is the day of Rest in the week of Creation, it is the seventh ‘axis’ in spatial symbolism signifying the centre in which all the axes meet. It is the triangle dominating the cross or square, or the action of Heaven on Creation (3 + 4).

Eight is the sign of Harmony, or Justice. It is 2 to the power of 3 (2 x 2 x 2, multiplication being indicative of Earth, of which the number is 2), i.e. ‘Parity’ (or equality) in all the three worlds (i.e. in Nature).

Nine is the sign of Limit, or Determination. It is 3 times 3 (3 + 3 + 3, simple addition being indicative of Heaven, of which the number is 3), i.e. ‘Disparity’ (or inequality) in all the three worlds (i.e. in Nature).

Ten is the sign of ‘the All’ (we should recall here One being the sign of ‘the One’ and the words ‘hen to pan’). It is formed by the addition of the One, Two, Three and Four (1 + 2 + 3 +4 = 10), uniting these primary elements (point, line, triangle, pyramid) within itself.

Finally, the uniting of 5 and 6, is 11, or twice 1, and from this there follows only repetition, producing all the rest of the numbers.

Hopefully these considerations will somewhat elucidate the nature of numerical symbolism. Truly indefinite considerations can be drawn from this science. Do watch out for the various exegeses done by the ignorant on many numbers. Deo volente this article might help to provide a solid foundation for perceiving erronerous interpretations.

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